Dirty Lickings Vodka

 Dirty Lickings Vodka & Gin are Now Available!


We’ve produced something truly unique & very special…

Our Vodkas are made from spirit distilled from fermented whey, sourced from small local cheese makers in the Yarra Valley and our Vodka is proudly triple distilled, fermented & bottled in the Yarra Valley from locally sourced botanicals.

Whilst being a more difficult process, and far more time consuming, the spirit produced through this method is world renowned for its incredible smoothness and rounded mouth feel.

Even straight from the still at 90 plus percent, it tastes very pleasant. You’ll absolutely love our Black Label Triple Distilled Vodka & don’t even get us started on our Ocean Blue Coconut,  Salted Caramel  & Vanilla Vodkas… They’re insanely good & we can’t wait for you to try them all!

As a bonus special offer, every vodka sale will receive 25% off their next Dirty Lickings T-Shirt until the end of June! (Voucher will be emailed after purchase)

Why You Won’t Find Our Vodka In Bottleshops

It’s something we get asked a lot…
There are a few reasons we haven’t gone down that path and have decided to keep our vodkas exclusive to our own online bottle shop.
Firstly, it’s an expensive process to produce the quality of vodka we do and everything is done in smaller batch runs and then bottled, labelled & sealed by hand.
Rather than lose a huge percentage from each bottle to multi-national and overseas chains we want to keep the money in Australia and also pay our own suppliers & staff more. After all, it’s all about locals supporting locals.
On top of this it’s just easier as a business model and sometimes it pays to work smarter not harder…
So the next time you buy a bottle of our vodka from our online bottle-o, know that you are actually helping a real Aussie family and Aussie workers, as well as local suppliers, and that the money isn’t buying some millionaire his 10th Lamborghini!
I think we can all drink to that… 🥃

Please note: Our 18+ Vodka Store Is Separate to Our Merchandise Store, Please Order Tees Etc Separately To Avoid Confusion.

Special Offer

Buy one bottle of Dirty Lickings Vodka & receive 25% off any Dirty Lickings T-Shirt!
Offer valid until 28/06/2023. T-Shirt discount voucher will be emailed to you after Vodka purchase.

Photos from our Distillery located in the Yarra Valley.

Cheers to riding your own wave!

Dirty Lickings Vodka... it's basically 'Gnarly in a bottle'

Dirty Lickings® is a Registered Trade Mark

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